"Live Acoustic Music Performances by"

Bandid  -  Barstool Revival  -  Lily B Moonflower  -  One Man To Blame    
Mandolin Monroe  -    Amarugia Ridge Runners  -  Whiskey Spit  -   Grody Riggins  
Piper Leigh & The Smoking Section  Chucky Waggs  -  A.J. Gaither OMB
Appalachian Sky Band - Damaris


Event Dates:  
April 18th - 21st, 2019

Pre-Sale Full Festival Tickets - $20.00 each
(March Madness Pre-sale ends 3/31)
(For details email jeff@owlcreekjam.com)

Full Festival Ticket - $25.00 each
(Free primative camping, sign-up stage and campground jams)

Saturday only ticket at gate - $15.00 each


EACH PERSON MUST BE WEARING A WRISTBAND  TO BE ANYWHERE ON GROUNDS. Wristbands must be worn at all times on festival grounds.


PETS MUST be on a lease at all times, or you will be asked to leave the event.

Festival security will be on site for the entire event; anyone causing problems will be asked to leave and escorted to the gate. If problems continue you will be turned over to local law enforcement and will be banned from returning to the event.
Sales of any item, including hats, shirts, stickers, etc. are prohibited unless you’re an approved Vendor for the 2018 event.

Radios, stereos, and other loud devices:
Your campground neighbor would appreciate no loud noises in the campgrounds after midnight in order to get a good night's sleep. Car radios and tape decks must be turned off after midnight. Be considerate: NO LOUD RADIOS OR STEREOS AT ANY TIME. Persons causing a disturbance will be removed from the grounds with NO refund.

“Parkin' lot pickin'”:
There will be parkin' lot pickin' all night. This is why many Festival folks like to camp out. As long as this type of music is played, we do not expect that to disturb anyone.

NO Drones: Unless approved by event staff.
Event Staff will be in control of festival grounds during the event and they have authority to ask anyone to leave for any reason, no refunds will be given for any reason. Event staff will handle any issues during the festival and law enforcement will be called to assist with security efforts as needed.  Let’s all have a fun, and safe festival.